Getting batters out is the goal of every pitcher, and the slightest movement in a pitch can be the difference in an out versus a home run. Seam orientation is the latest metric from Rapsodo to help pitchers in the quest for more movement. Develop pitches with elite movement, understand how to repeat it, and become a more effective pitcher.

Seam Strategy

Seam orientation is the newest metric in baseball that is having a major impact. Pitchers who might not have elite velocity can now have elite movement by changing the way the seams are oriented at pitch release.​

Connect Real With Feel

Prior to seam orientation being a reportable metric, pitchers had to rely on memory, feel, and taking notes to study how the ball moved in relation to the orientation. Pitchers have a new way to measure how the baseball moves with PRO 3.0, Rapsodo’s first practice product to measure seam orientation. Replacing a qualitative approach with a quantitative one will lead to next level pitch design.

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Study The Seams

Looking for additional information on seam orientation? Explore our resources to learn more about baseball's new metric and how to apply it to player development.

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Baseball's Newest Metric: What Is Seam Orientation and How Do I Use It? Rapsodo
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