Case Study

Impact Sports Academy
Eric Cordier

Erik Cordier is the Baseball Operations Manager at Impact Sports Academy (ISA) in De Pere, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay with a population of around 25,000. ISA was founded in June of 2017 as a baseball and softball academy built around seasonal training and development.

Since its inception ISA has grown from 13 teams to a prosperous 49 teams, including a newly built facility to accommodate the continued growth.

“During peak months, ISA caters to around 1,500 baseball & softball athletes per week.”
Impact Sports Academy - New Facilty

Upon entering into the new facility, ISA felt it was necessary to add large scale technology to its program in order to have verifiable numbers and quantitative data to complement its established and robust training program.

After researching a multitude of technology options for both its baseball and softball athletes ISA ultimately chose Rapsodo over other technologies because of the cutting edge data and the portability and flexibility of the units.

“Being able to move the Rapsodo hitting and pitching tanks between cages or mounds made practice planning quite a bit easier. The flexibility of the unit put it over the top as the choice for us.”

Since implementing Rapsodo into their program, Cordier said ISA has found it easier to generate new clients and to sell lessons and camps. They have also advanced their player development process through initial baseline testing with the Rapsodo units, coupled with periodic testing throughout the training season to see where a player stands in relation to where they began.

Recruiting Packages

The biggest benefit and most measurable impact for ISA has been creating opportunity for its athletes on the recruiting front, specifically recruiting videos and profiles utilizing Rapsodo video, information, and metrics.

“Combining Rapsodo’s video and verifiable metrics is invaluable and has gotten high praise from the college recruiters who get our videos and check our player profiles.”

Cordier and ISA have also found their athletes respond extremely well to seeing themselves on their phones through Rapsodo video, combined with verifiable numbers and data.

The visualizations, Cordier said, help promote excitement and motivation for the players. They not only get to watch themselves on screen, but they also get to see themselves getting better and continually progressing through video evidence as well as numbers-based training.

“Rapsodo shows the improvements from beginning to end, which has been great! It’s not always about trying to be the top of a leaderboard. Kids develop physically at different times. Showing improvement and development has been far more valuable to us.”

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