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D-BAT Bothell Baseball and Softball Academy
Cade and Kyle Griffis

Founded in 1998 by Cade and Kyle Griffis, D-BAT Baseball and Softball Academies is a nationwide chain of indoor, climate-controlled facilities with a core demographic that ranges from ages 6-18.

D-BAT’S stated mission is to...

“Provide a quality teaching environment with quality instruction to enhance the baseball experience for players at all levels from little league through the pros.”

D-BAT initially started with three locations – including the original facility in Addison, Texas (North Dallas) – but quickly grew to feature the largest network of training facilities across the country, with more than 100 locations in 32 states (and 20 additional locations being built).
D-BAT Baseball and Softball Academy Facilities

D-BAT’S current staff is over 1,500 strong, and looked at by many as the premier training facility in the country.

D-BAT Bothell is located in the greater Seattle, Washington area and is owned by John Ard. The facility currently uses Rapsodo’s HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 technology with the idea of enhancing and building their reputation as a “skills academy.”

D-BAT Bothell will require every instructor to be Rapsodo Certified in order to provide quality training at the highest level for their players and to seperate themselves from the competition. This will allow the facility to, effectively, tier their lessons in such a way to provide more for the player and to charge more for lessons.

“We will require all of our instructors to get Rapsodo Certified. I think showing our comunity that we have some of the best trained instructors will properly position us in the market. In addition, it shows our instructors that we will invest in them and their growth.”

John Ard

Increasing Lesson Revenue

In April of 2022, D-BAT Bothell administered 347 hours of lessons at a price structure as follows:

Platium Member
lesson with tech (Rapsodo)
lesson withot tech
Gold Member
lesson with tech (Rapsodo)
lesson withot tech
Non D-BAT Member
lesson with tech (Rapsodo)
lesson withot tech

For the sake of this exercise, let’s assume of the 347 hours of lessons, 175 hours were lessons with tech while 172 were lessons without tech. Crunching those numbers, we can say that D-BAT Bothell will be able to make $4,600 more for the month of April becasue they utilized Rapsodo technology in lessons, as opposed to not using tech and not being able to charge extra.

Over the course of a year that monthly haul equates to $55,200 – all from utilizing tech in just half their lessons per month. If D-BAT utilized tech in 75% of their lessons at those rates, the yearly number increases to $233,700 or $19,745 per month.

“By implementing Rapsodo into lessons we can provide both the instructor and the player personalized instruction. Having measurables illustrates the improved performance of the athlete showing the value of the instruction.”

John Ard
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