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Online, video-based baseball and softball hitting and pitching courses

“Rapsodo has become a prerequisite part of our hiring process. First thing we do with any potential hire on the baseball ops side is see if they can set up and run a bullpen and understand the data collected. If they can’t do that, then they go home.”​

MLB NL East Front Office Member

Elevate your knowledge

The Rapsodo Certified courses are online, video-based courses with a series of specific modules and quizzes. These courses are designed to help baseball and softball coaches run data-driven player development programs. Join the 1,000+ MLB coaches and professionals who are Rapsodo Certified today!

Comprehensive and actionable

We worked with our team and advisors to make concepts and terminology a ‘second language’ for the Rapsodo community. Rapsodo Certified courses go beyond the definitions, giving you validated and immediate ways to implement this knowledge in your coaching.

Build your data-driven player development program​

Turn data into insight and help your players achieve their full potential. Rapsodo Certified courses will help you advance your knowledge and understanding of data so you can deliver performance results. Get unlimited access to your courses so you can always go back and reference any module or quiz.

Developed by industry experts​

All Rapsodo Certified courses were developed by Rapsodo’s in-house data experts, Seth Daniels and Brian Page, alongside top baseball and softball industry experts: Wes McGuire and Randy Sullivan, Florida Baseball Ranch; Dr. Alan Nathan, Professor Emeritus of Physics at University of Illinois; Callix Crabbe, Texas Rangers; Josh Johnson and Sam Ricketts, Mississippi State University; and Tim Walton and Mike Bosch, University of Florida.

Rapsodo Certified Courses Offered​

We have developed Rapsodo Certified Courses for baseball and softball hitting and pitching. Take the first step toward making Rapsodo data your second language by selecting a course below to learn more!​