Case Study

Adamsville High School Baseball
Jason Foley

Jason Foley is the head baseball coach at Adamsville High School in Adamsville, Tennessee; a town located 100 miles directly east of Memphis.

“Classified at the 2A level, the school enrolls approximately 55 students in grades 9-12. Foley’s varsity team annually consists ofbetween 18 and 22 players.”

In the Fall of 2021, Foley and the Adamsville program started using Rapsodo’s HITTING 2.0 technology. The initial motivation to use the technology was the growing popularity and reliability of Rapsodo, but also because it helped Foley and his staff further engage their players during practice in a way that ‘regular practice sessions’ just could not provide anymore.

Adamsville High School Baseball

“We found that using Rapsodo was a great way to help hold the players accountable for their swings. It also allowed me as the head coach to not have to watch every single rep from every single player. With the cloud and sufficient storage capabilities, players are able to store several different sessions which can be accessed at any time.”

Jason Foley Adamsville H. S. Baseball Coach

Foley also felt the Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 unit was a tool synonymous with coaches at other levels, specifically college. By using Rapsodo tech, it would not only help his players improve but also help them get recruited more easily to the collegiate level.

Over 90% of D1 collegiate programs use Rapsodo, so effectively those programs would be able to access and compare the data from Foley’s players to the data they already use on a regular basis.

Foley said the Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 unit also helped to enhance the
competition aspect of practice each and everyday - both from a standpoint of teammates competing against teammates, but also individuals competing against themselves.

“Rapsodo has helped add another dimension to our competition in practice. From a visual standpoint, it has allowed the players to be able to see exactly where batted balls in the cage are going. It really helped eliminate the guessing part of practices in regards to hitting.”

Jason Foley Adamsville H. S. Baseball Coach

Compared to other more expensive tech options, Rapsodo was the clear winner for Foley’s program due to its exceedingly lower cost, accurate metrics, long-lasting durability, and reliability.

The Invesment Paid Off On The Field!

In 2022, Adamsville High School had one of its best - if not the best - offensive years in school history.

The team averaged a slash line of


over the course of 34 games, including

343 hits, 266 runs, 236 runs batted in,

63 doubles, and 30 home runs.

“Rapsodo has helped give us better visual imagery of what hits in a batting cage look like on the field. They see that feedback and then want to recreate the swing as best as possible. Also the ability to track sessions over time is great for showing a player areas to improve and the progress they have made.”

Jason Foley Adamsville H. S. Baseball Coach

Enhance Player Development with Rapsodo

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