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    MLM2PRO™ Quick Connect
Less Setup, More Play With <br> MLM2PRO™ Quick Connect

Less Setup, More Play With
MLM2PRO™ Quick Connect

September 15, 2023

No Golfer likes slow play on the course or off it. This is why Rapsodo has developed Quick Connect for MLM2PRO™. With Quick Connect, golfers can spend less time waiting and more time playing. Quick Connect was designed for MLM2PRO users to easily save their preferred connection settings into their user preferences and minimize the start-up time. 

MLM2PRO has two different connection methods: Direct Connection and Local Network Connection. Both connections utilize a Bluetooth (BLE) connection to search for and connect to a WiFi network. The WiFi network is then used to transmit data between the MLM2PRO and a phone or tablet.



In a Direct Connection, the MLM2PRO emits a WiFi signal for the phone or tablet to connect to. This WiFi signal does not provide internet access, but is used to transmit data from the MLM2PRO to the phone or tablet. When a Direct Connection is established, internet can be accessed through a cellular data plan,  which will allow the user to access all of the MLM2PRO features. If the device doesn't have cellular internet access (a WiFi only iPad/tablet for example), then internet access will not be available with a Direct Connection.

In the instance where the phone or tablet does not have cellular data access, the following features will not be accessible: 

  • Rapsodo Courses: Internet is required to search for and generate the course map 
  • Rapsodo Combine and Insights Reports: Internet is required to generate a Combine and Insights reports 
  • My Bag: Internet is required to create and edit clubs in My Bag or move clubs to Inventory 
  • 3rd Party Apps: To access E6 CONNECT and Awesome Golf, an internet connection is required to authenticate the account every 24 hours. 


  1. When an internet connection is not required. 
    • The MLM2PRO requires an active internet connection for certain functionality including generating Rapsodo Courses, creating Combine and Insights reports, or authenticating a 3rd Party App. If you’re starting a Practice session to utilize video and see your numbers, an active internet connection is not required so a Direct Connection is a great option.  
    • If you have a cellular internet connection on your phone or tablet, this can be used with a Direct Connection 
  2. When a local network connection is not available. 
    • Many times outdoor driving ranges don’t have an accessible Local WiFi network. This may also be the case in some back yard set ups. If you don’t have access to a Local WiFi Network, get your session started with a Direct Connection. 
  3. When the quality of the local network connection is poor. 
    • Sometimes, a poor connection can be worse than no connection. When selecting a Local Network in the MLM2PRO App during the connection process, the strength of the given network is shown. If you find that your network is yellow or red, you may need to adjust your location or connect in Direct Mode.

Establishing MLM2PRO Direct Connection



In a Local Network Connection, the MLM2PRO and the phone or tablet connect to the same local WiFi network. This could be your home network or a network at your local driving range. The local WiFi network is used to transmit data between the MLM2PRO and the phone or tablet and also provides internet access. The stronger the signal strength of the local network, the better the user experience will be. The app will display signal strength indicator (green, yellow, red and gray) as measured by the MLM2PRO device.

Establishing MLM2PRO Local Connection



When connecting to your Local Network, we implemented a Received Signal Strength (RSSI) icon, commonly noted as strength of WiFi Signal. This icon will provide greater visibility to your strength of connection of your MLM2PRO to your Local Network. Below is a breakdown of what the colors of the WiFi icon mean.



  1. Add a WiFi extender to the area you most commonly practice with the MLM2PRO. WiFi extenders are devices that connect to your wireless router and extend the range of your wireless signal.  
  2. Minimize physical obstructions between your MLM2PRO set up and your router. Your environment has an impact on how the WiFi signal behaves where obstructions will cause your WiFi signal to be weaker. If your signal needs to travel through multiple rooms or floors, look to add a WiFi extender. If there are other “moveable” obstructions such as metal objects, radiators, or microwaves, try to move them away from the MLM2PRO’s location.   
  3. Select the correct WiFi band. Most home WiFi networks allow users to select 2.4GHz or 5GHz network.While 5Ghz provides faster data speeds, 2.4GHz band will allow you to use the network at a wider range giving you more opportunities to stretch where your home simulator set up is located.  
  4. Try to free up your network bandwidth. Other devices that connect to your network, such as smartphones, gaming consoles, computers could slow down the network speed and reduce the strength of your WiFi signal.  



For those that use the MLM2PRO in a consistent and familiar location – at home or on the range –  we’ve enabled a new Quick Connect feature to accelerate the connection process, giving you more time to play and practice. Quick Connect can be set up for either a Direct WiFi connection or a Local Network Connection. Based on the option that is selected, when a connection is initiated from the Play tab or the Profile tab, the MLM2PRO App will automatically find the registered MLM2PRO and initiate the selected connection.


For example, for users with a home simulation set up, Quick Connect – Local Network is the way to go. When starting a simulation session, the MLM2PRO will automatically connect to the home WiFi network so more time can be spent playing golf. 


For users that go to a driving range that doesn’t have a Local WiFi network, Quick-Connect – Direct WiFi is the way to go. After setting up the unit, start a session and the MLM2PRO app will automatically find the registered MLM2PRO and establish a Direct WiFi connection.  



If it’s the first time an MLM2PRO has been connected, simply follow the on-screen prompts to establish a Direct WiFi or Local Network Connection, then visit the Device Info screen accessible from the Profile tab. Use the toggles to enable Quick Connect for Direct WiFi or Local Network. 



Once Quick Connect has been enabled, this setting can be accessed from the App Settings screen via the Profile tab at any time.


Establishing MLM2PRO Quick Connect


If Quick Connect is enabled, the MLM2PRO app will search for the preferred connection when a connection is initiated. If the preferred connection method is not available, the connection flow will be started from the beginning. 

For example, if Quick Connect – Local Network is enabled for a home simulation set up, but the MLM2PRO is taken to the driving range, once the MLM2PRO App searches for the home network and is unable to connect, both connection options will be displayed so a new connection can be initiated. 



Here are two things to try if you are still having connection issues with your MLM2PRO:

  • Check Firmware - Check your profile in the MLM2PRO app and confirm that Firmware is up-to-date. The MLM2PRO app will explicitly state if new Firmware is available to download. 

  • Free-up Storage Space – In order to have the best user experience with MLM2PRO. It is recommended that the device has ample storage space for the app. Rapsodo Golf recommends having at least 3MB of storage space. Consider deleting olds apps, images or videos in order to clear more space on your device. 
  • If you have updated your firmware and ensured you have ample storage space and are still having connection issues please contact support@rapsodo.com. 

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