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Introducing the Rapsodo Certified Program

One of the latest developments on the Rapsodo horizon is our Rapsodo Certified program. Coaches and players from all levels now have the opportunity to take an online certification course to become Rapsodo experts. 

There is a total of four courses: baseball pitching, baseball hitting, softball pitching and softball hitting.

Analytics have been established as an essential development and evaluation tool as the game of baseball and softball grow. This is a great opportunity to learn and get certified by industry leaders. 

Rapsodo experts Seth Daniels and Brian Page

All courses range from basic topics, like understanding the data, to more advanced topics, like ball flight concepts with baseball physics expert Dr. Alan Nathan. The program features many other industry experts and Rapsodo team members. Along with our friends at Florida Baseball Ranch, we are joined by MLB coaches and college softball powerhouses to learn how ‘those that do it best’ are using tech to develop players, measure performance, increase competition in practice and provide year-round training! 

Another item on the Rapsodo horizon is our RapScore player evaluation tool. This allows players to be evaluated by a quantifiable hitting and pitching score rather than a subjective evaluation. RapScore has a pro and amateur tier on a 20/80 scale. Tunneling pitches, creating movement, and commanding the zone are a few of the key factors in determining RapScore. Learn much more about RapScore in the Certified courses! 

The ultimate goal of our Certified Program is to make coaches and players confident in knowing and understanding the data as well as using that information for player development initiatives. 

After each video series, there will be a list of questions. At completion of the program you will receive a Rapsodo Certification that helps build your resume or your client base. Our Rapsodo Certified Program gives a greater legitimacy to coaches and academy owners. 

The Rapsodo Certification Courses will be made available over the next few weeks, with Rapsodo Baseball Hitting Certification launching today! Check out our website to see which courses are available.

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