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  • Rapsodo Completes Baseball Certified Program with Pitching Certification
Rapsodo Completes Baseball Certified Program with Pitching Certification

Rapsodo Completes Baseball Certified Program with Pitching Certification

July 04, 2022

Last month we released our Baseball Hitting Certification . Now we are ready to release our Baseball Pitching Certification.

The Rapsodo Baseball Hitting Certification featured Rapsodo employees and experts Seth Daniels and Brian "BP" Page, along with Dr. Alan Nathan and Callix Crabbe of the Texas Rangers.

From master concepts to immediate applications, the hitting certification was developed to help coaches advance their knowledge and understanding of data. Coaches should be able to see immediate results in their player development program after completing the Rapsodo Hitting Certification.

Over 430 MLB coaches and staff are now Rapsodo Hitting Certified.

The Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Certification is also led by Daniels and Page, and features industry leaders like Dr. Alan Nathan and Randy Sullivan and Wes McGuire of the Florida Baseball Ranch.

"We worked really hard to put together a course that would help coaches of all levels," Daniels said.

The course starts with master concepts and then moves into data basics. The second section will leave you with the Rapsodo data glossary memorized and you will begin to use it in your daily practice vocabulary. The course dives deep into pitch design and profile and finishes up with building an arsenal.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the knowledge to expand your players' arsenals and make the pitches within their current arsenal stronger and more effective.

"We used the last five years of data and experience to compile all of that into one course designed to help athletes reach their full potential and get to the next level," Daniels said.

The Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Certification contains more than 160 minutes of content and can be completed in under four hours!

In conjunction with our team and advisors, we worked to make concepts and terminology a ‘second language’ for the Rapsodo community. It goes beyond the definitions, giving you validated and immediate ways to implement this knowledge in your coaching.

"It's our goal for coaches that take this course to be able to fully understand the data Rapsodo provides and build proper player development programs for their athletes," Daniels said.

Long-Term Benefits

As part of the Rapsodo Certified Coaches Community you will receive the following benefits:

  • Thorough understanding of all pitched ball flight data & coaching implementation
  • Submit written articles for publication on Rapsodo.com
  • Featured in Rapsodo content
  • Be the first to hear about new products, features, and updates
  • Rapsodo will promote marketing content on social networks
  • Rapsodo product and merchandise discounts
  • Personalized Rapsodo Certified certificate and access to Rapsodo Certified logos and marketing assets

What are you waiting for? Get Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Certified today! It will advance your own knowledge and advance your program. Help take your players to the next level by getting Rapsodo Baseball Pitching Certified!

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