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  • Rapsodo Announces $51 Thousand Donation to Turn Two for Youth
Rapsodo Announces $51 Thousand Donation to Turn Two for Youth

Rapsodo Announces $51 Thousand Donation to Turn Two for Youth

July 04, 2022

We recently announced our $26 thousand donation to Right To Play,  an international non-profit organization that empowers vulnerable children to overcome the effects of war, poverty, and disease around the world through play. 

We are now proud to announce our $51 thousand donation to Turn Two for Youth, the official charity of ABCA.

Turn Two for Youth is a non-profit charitable organization created by two baseball families. It facilitates the enjoyment and expansion globally of youth baseball and softball. The organization collects equipment and distributes it to teams and children that don't have access to or cannot afford these items.

All three organizations - Rapsodo, Turn Two for Youth, and ABCA - are committed to moving the game forward and giving opportunities to underserved youth. We want all children to be able to enjoy the game.

“Baseball is a big part of our lives, and we are excited to share our love for the game with children who may otherwise not get the opportunity to enjoy the great game," Batuhan Okur, CEO and Founder of Rapsodo said. "We are proud to partner with Turn Two for Youth to help provide these children with the equipment needed to go out and play baseball." 

The global pandemic is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities, and way of life. We believe hard times like these require action that unites. With these donations, we hope to unite communities, children and teams.

“Rapsodo’s commitment to uniting communities through sport is highlighted by this generous donation to Turn Two for Youth,” Craig Keilitz, Executive Director of ABCA, said.

We wanted to try to give back to our community where our home-U.S. office is located - in St. Louis, MO. We were able to make sure some of the equipment our donation got went to two St. Louis organizations, Redbird Rookies  and STL Youth Sports Out reach.

The Redbird Rookies is a free, noncompetitive coed baseball/softball program that provides kids with equipment, uniforms and extensive off-field support. The group provides fun and educational experiences for children including health, scholarship, and mentoring programs. The Redbird Rookies are associated with the St. Louis Cardinals.

STL Youth Sports Outreach helps provide sporting equipment to children of families in need. This gives children an outlet to stay active while having fun at a young age. These kids learn the importance of sportsmanship through activity.

"Our team at Turn Two for Youth is humbled and honored to receive this gracious donation from Rapsodo. These funds will allow kids to enjoy baseball and softball in communities with the most need,” Billy Owens, co-founder of Turn Two for Youth, said.

In addition to monetary donations to purchase equipment, Turn Two for Youth collects gear throughout the United States from teams, coaches, players and families. The equipment is cleaned, refurbished and then shipped to credible organizations to then distribute to those in need in their communities. 

“Our mission is to connect kids with needed gear, but more importantly with coaches and mentors to help pass on the principles of baseball for life," Owens said. "We continue to be grateful for and benefit from our relationship with the ABCA. This is a great example of the ABCA bringing two organizations together to make an impact.”

ABCA is the primary professional organization for baseball coaches at the amateur level, however events are open to coaches of all levels. It has founded many programs which have been instrumental to the growth of amateur baseball. ABCA, along with Turn Two for Youth and Rapsodo, is dedicated to growing the game.

“Rapsodo recognized early on the vast impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on communities across our nation and generated a solution to help kids in deprived areas. With so many people and communities struggling during this unprecedented time, Rapsodo and Turn Two for Youth have come together to create an initiative that will truly make an impact and bring communities together," Keilitz said.

Rapsodo is known for helping athletes analyze real-time metrics to perfect their game. But at the end of the day, bringing people together and inspiring children to be healthy and active through sport falls within the realms of our mission as well.

"We want to thank our customers for investing in themselves and our technology during these difficult times. These donations would not be possible if it weren't for our customers," Okur said. 

For more information on how you can contribute to Turn Two for Youth, you can reach out to them by filling out this form or contact a Rapsodo representative.

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