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  • How Rapsodo Reports Help Crowder College After Season Ends
How Rapsodo Reports Help Crowder College After Season Ends

How Rapsodo Reports Help Crowder College After Season Ends

July 04, 2022

The following article was written from a coach’s perspective. Jason Immekus is an assistant coach at Crowder College in Neosho, MO and uses Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0 with his pitchers.

In my first article I discussed how we use Rapsodo to help design a more individualized development plan for pitchers. It allows us to expedite the “buy in” process by taking out the emotional part of the game (think, I’ve always done it this way) for a minute and allows us to focus on hard numbers. 

In-turn, we can make adjustments accordingly. That may be something as simple as a grip change or getting a guy to understand how his stuff plays off of each other. This allows him to sequence his pitches more effectively while navigating through a lineup. All really important to stuff when it comes to development and winning games. 

We recently discovered another benefit of using Rapsodo technology, one we knew would be a valuable asset to our players and program. At the time we hadn’t realized just how big it would be.

On March 12th we found out that the doubleheader we would play on March 13th would be our last games until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after, our entire season was cancelled. Like every program in the country, we were devastated. 

The following days were spent saying our goodbyes in a locker room filled with emotions ranging from anger to tears. We, like every other college team in the country, understood the bigger picture of safety and well being. 

It’s a terrible crisis our nation is facing, but trust me it still stings losing our season. 

The Crowder College coaches met and discussed both the immediate and long term future of our guys. Our concern was making sure the sophomores and anyone else moving on had options. Only playing 26 games this spring, and many of those in a very short 2 week window, some coaches and recruiters only got a quick look at our guys but had genuine interest.

The season ending so abruptly didn’t allow scouts or recruiting coordinators a second look. Some hadn’t seen our players since the fall due to scheduling changes. 

The Rapsodo reports helped clarify their thoughts by painting a picture of what a guy really is or what he is capable of doing. 

Over the next 24 hours after the heartbreaking news, I began receiving texts and calls requesting Rapsodo reports on our arms. I quickly heard from schools at every level of college baseball as well as 6 MLB organizations. 

What a wonderful asset to have to be able to assist not only these coaches and scouts, but to be able to help impact the future of our now former players. Players that had committed to us as coaches and the program that we feel compelled to help advance the in their playing careers.

For us in year one of using the Rapsodo technology we have begun to understand its importance in not only the player development side but as way of promoting and ensuring our players have options moving forward.

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