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  • High School Players Selected in 1st Round of 2023 MLB Draft
High School Players Selected in 1st Round of 2023 MLB Draft

High School Players Selected in 1st Round of 2023 MLB Draft

July 13, 2023

Player development has become crucial for high school athletes aspiring to take their game to the next level and hopefully fulfill their dreams of making it to the big leagues. The MLB Draft is where these dreams are realized and futures are shaped. However, the competition at this level is fierce, and standing out amongst hundreds of other aspiring athletes requires more than just skill and athleticism - it demands an edge.

Time and again, we’ve witnessed exceptional high school talent transform their skills with the aid of cutting-edge technology, such as Rapsodo. In this blog post, we explore the high school athletes picked in the first round of the draft and how utilizing Rapsodo can enhance player development to grab the attention of MLB scouts.

This year’s draft saw 124 (20.2%) of the draft picks being taken out of high school. That’s more than any level of play outside of D1, showing the importance of incorporating technology like Rapsodo to build a draft profile.  

Let’s look at the high school prospects selected in the first round of the MLB Draft and their best data points recorded on Rapsodo:




High School

Exit Velocity


Max Clark


Franklin Community HS (IN)

102.1 MPH


Walker Jenkins


South Brunswick HS (NC)

105.4 MPH


Blake Mitchell


Sinton HS (TX)

107.6 MPH


Noble Meyer


Jesuit HS (OR)

99.5 MPH (Pitching)


Bryce Eldridge


James Madison HS (VA)

110.9 MPH


Arjun Nimmala


Strawberry Crest HS (FL)

106.1 MPH


Colt Emerson


John Glenn HS (OH)

103.1 MPH


Ralphy Velazquez


Huntington Beach HS (CA)

92.86 MPH


Dillon Head


Homewood Flossmoor HS (IL)

102.3 MPH


George Lombard Jr.


Gulliver Prep School (FL)

99.7 MPH


Aidan Miller


J.W. Mitchell HS (FL)

104.1 MPH


Jonny Farmelo


Westfield HS (VA)

108.6 MPH


Tai Peete


Trinity Christian School (GA)

107.1 MPH


Unlocking Potential with Rapsodo

If we can learn anything from this year's draft, it's the importance for younger athletes to start building their recruiting and draft profiles. For the young baseball players who wants to play at the college level (or beyond), we've compiled a list of tips to help them in their journey. 

Rapsodo provides high school players with a significant advantage by unlocking their true potential and focusing their training efforts. By incorporating Rapsodo technology into player development programs, athletes can showcase their skills to MLB scouts using the same tools the pros use. With access to advanced metrics and real-time feedback, Rapsodo empowers high school players to refine their techniques and stand out in a sea of talent.

While the MLB Draft serves as a platform for showcasing the future stars of Major League Baseball, the journey begins way before this moment. High school players with big dreams can leverage Rapsodo to take their performance to new heights and propel themselves towards a career in the MLB.

Embrace the power of Rapsodo - the future of player development is in your hands. Contact our experts today to learn more about adding industry-leading data and technology to your player development program.

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