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Fastest Pitchers on Baseball America's Top 2021 MLB Draft Prospect List

Fastest Pitchers on Baseball America's Top 2021 MLB Draft Prospect List

July 04, 2022

Baseball America released their 500 Top 2021 MLB Draft Prospects List. Since 85% of players on this list use Rapsodo data for player development and evaluation, we decided to make some rankings of our own based on their data. 

Just how hard are these top prospects throwing? We ranked the top 20 pitchers by velocity below: 

Rankings as of July 8th, 2021

Baseball America 2021 MLB Draft Prospects: Top 20 Fastest Pitchers 

Rank  First Last Pos School   Pitch Velocity (average) 
14  Sam  Bachman  RHP  Miami (Ohio)  FF  96 
50 Chase  Burns  RHP  Station Camp HS, Gallatin, Tenn.  FF  96 
222 Bryce  McGowan  RHP  Charlotte  FF 95 
146  Chase  Silseth  RHP  Arizona  FF 95 
159 Bryce  Miller  RHP  Texas A&M  FF  95 
238  Mason  Miller  RHP  Gardner-Webb  FF  95 
31 Joshua  Baez  OF/RHP  Dexter Southfield HS, Brookline, Mass.  FF  95 
Jack  Leiter  RHP  Vanderbilt  FF  94 
306 Garrett  Burhenn  RHP  Ohio State  FF  94 
211 Jack  Leftwich  RHP  Florida  FF 94
335 Hugh  Fisher  LHP  Vanderbilt  FF  94 
Kumar  Rocker  RHP  Vanderbilt  FF  94 
141 Seth  Lonsway  LHP  Ohio State  FC  94 
326  Justin  Wrobleski  LHP  Oklahoma State  FF  94 
285 Austin  Vernon  RHP  North Carolina Central  FF  94 
296 Carson  Seymour  RHP  Kansas State  FF  94 
234 Hayden  Juenger  RHP  Missouri State  FF  93 
172 Ian  Villers  RHP  California  FF  93 
417 Victor Quinn RHP Liberty-Wentzville HS FF 93
409 Mason Pelio RHP Boston College FF 93

If you're interested in learning more about pitch data for some of these high (and lower) ranked pitchers, check out my conversation with JJ Cooper on Baseball America's podcast!

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