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3 Reasons You Need to Get Rapsodo Baseball Certified

Are you looking to better your knowledge in one of baseball’s budding industries? Look no further than the Rapsodo Certified program! We’ve brought together some of brightest minds in the game to provide an in-depth look into analytics, what they mean, and how to apply them. Rapsodo Certified is delivered by Dr. Alan Nathan, Callix Crabbe, Randy Sullivan and Wes McGuire from Florida Baseball Ranch, along with Seth Daniels and Brian Page.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Get Certified


Having a full understanding of each piece of data from your  Rapsodo monitor is critical in optimizing your Rapsodo experience. By understanding each piece of data, players and coaches equip themselves with all of the information necessary to improve performance both on and off the field. 

Once you know what the data means, you can adjust your player development program accordingly. This makes each session more efficient and helps you reach your end goal faster.

Data points such as spin rate and spin efficiency have risen in importance over the last few years. Coaches often look at those figures like they do velocities to track progress.  

While each data point is of equal significance, baseball is a game of individualism. Each individual player develops differently than the next. 

Some players may find success when working with release angle, some may find success with an improved release height, and some may find improved performance while looking at a combination of metrics. 

For example, a pitcher who throws at a high velocity with a spin direction of 12:00 would tend to throw up in the strike zone because of the backspin created on the ball, whereas a pitcher with a spin direction of 1:30 would generally throw lower in the zone due to the partial side spin created on the ball that causes the ball to sink. 

Each piece of data helps create a polished finish product (pitch or hit), and the Certified courses provide an abundance of information on each metric and how they can be interpreted. 

Want to dive deeper into this data and what it means? Then you should probably sign up to get Certified.


As aforementioned, data analytics have become a mainstay in the game of baseball. Regional and national telecasts feature talks of launch angle and spin rate on a nightly basis. 

On our latest podcast episode we interviewed Ari Kaplan. Kaplan is one of the greatest analytics minds in baseball.

By standing by idly, information that could help change a player’s game is missed. In addition to this, when new data points come out, there will be not only be one but two relearning processes coaches and players go through.

By staying up to date on the latest with analytics, players and coaches will always be informed on cutting-edge techniques to improve the on-field product for their squad.

Currently more than 1,000 MLB coaches and staff are Rapsodo Certified. Universities are requiring new baseball hires to have knowledge in Rapsodo. Our certification not only boosts your knowledge, but helps build up your resume.

Stay ahead of the competition by getting Rapsodo Certified. Make sure your program is top notch with the best player development strategy.


Data means nothing if there is no baseline testing to improve upon. The Certified courses offer an organized plan of attack as to how initial testing should look. 

That way users do not just jump right in and start looking at the data without knowing what it means. The courses go in sequential order, starting with on the data points and what each of them mean. This section allows you to make Rapsodo batted and pitched ball data your second language.

From there, our team goes in-depth on baseline testing and how to achieve this successfully. While the numbers may not light up the scoreboard at first, having an accurate baseline test is crucial to optimizing the use of the Rapsodo. This gives the player both tangible and intangible feedback they can use to make the necessary adjustments to see progress. 

Starting from a baseline to making an ideal development plan for the athlete. Then we help you with ways to track progress, to which you will reach the ultimate end goal set. The experts in the Rapsodo Certified program give you validated and immediate ways to implement course information into your coaching.

We help you identify how or why certain areas may need improvements, thus making your development plan more focused.

There is no more guessing in the batting cage. There is not more guessing in a bullpen session.

No more guessing with Rapsodo data. No more guessing with Rapsodo Certified.

For a limited time, we are offering $75 off Rapsodo Certified! Don't miss out!


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