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2020 MLB Draft Featuring Rapsodo Data + Video

The 2020 MLB Draft has come and gone. A draft done like never before – completely virtual.

Instead of the MLB Network filled with people, alone at the podium stood MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, speaking directly to the camera. In-studio analysts sat or stood 6 feet apart with others reporting from the comfort of their own office. Draftees and their families tuned in from home.

A draft that typically has 40 rounds cut down to 5 rounds. Prospects who typically are just wrapping up a season were without games. So how were scouts supposed to scout? How were teams supposed to know who had made improvements since fall ball? The obvious answer to us and many draftees was Rapsodo data and video.

Take Nick Bitsko for example. Bitsko was the 24th pick in the first round selected by the Tampa Bay Rays. Bitsko reclassified from the 2021 Draft in January. His only showing in front of scouts this year? March 4. A bullpen workout.

So how else did teams see Bitsko in 2020? Social media. 10-15 years ago that was likely far-fetched, perhaps cringey, and definitely unheard of, but not in 2020. 2020 a year like never before.


Bitsko took to social media to post his Rapsodo videos with data overlaid, gaining traction from the entire baseball industry.

As we like to say at Rapsodo: video don’t lie, data don’t lie. Bitsko proved that to all of us.

Bitsko wasn’t the only pick who has used Rapsodo to help his recruiting journey. 79% of the first round picks had Rapsodo data under their own player accounts.

 First overall pick Spencer Torkelson to the Detroit Tigers:

Torkelson posting an impressive Rapsodo SuperScore.

A Rapsodo SuperScore is a composite score. We take the player’s top Rapsodo performances and generate their SuperScore. For hitting we measure their max exit velocity and their max distance. Pitching SuperScore’s are divided by pitch type and show max velocity, max total break and max spin.

The Rapsodo SuperScore comes in light of the Rapsodo National Player Database.

Torkelson has had some impressive sessions on the Rapsodo at Arizona State, posting numbers that prove his spot as the first overall pick.

The 2020 MLB Draft goes to show that Rapsodo is the measuring stick for player development. Not only do all 30 MLB teams use Rapsodo to develop and train their own athletes, but they are now using it to identify and draft top prospects.

What’s next?

Well, data isn’t going anywhere. While this year’s draft was unlike any other, it just goes to show how valuable video and data is. Teams and players will now be using it more than ever. Now is the time to familiarize yourself with it.

Not sure where to start? We can help you with that. Not only are there a ton of resources on our Blog, but we also have a Certified program.

The Rapsodo Certification has both a hitting and pitching certification. Our certified program will help coaches, players, fans, front office leaders understand data, make data terminology their second language, improve player development programs and maximize the potential their team has to offer.

Over 900 MLB coaches and staff have become Rapsodo Certified, why not join them? Use code CERTIFLY for $100 off a certification.

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Without a Rapsodo and feeling left out? We understand. This draft definitely gave us that FOMO feeling for the guys left without Rapsodo data. We are running a $500 off special on all monitors ending June 13th!

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