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Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
MLM Premium Membership

MLM2PRO™, tripod, charging cable, Quick Start Guide, sleeve of Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® golf balls and one free year of the MLM2PRO Premium Membership ($199 Value)


iOS 14 or higher
Compatible with iPhone, iPad


iPad 2017 and up (must support 1080p)


10.0 Android Operating System or higher (API level 29)
Compatible with phones and tablets
Device must natively support Google Play Store

The MLM2PRO™ platform is separate from the MLM platform and will require a separate app download. You will be able to download the new MLM2PRO™App from the Apple Store and Google Play.

The MLM2PRO™ first year of Premium Membership ($199) is included with your purchase. A Premium Membership is not required, however, the MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership significantly enhances the user experience with access to thousands of simulated golf courses, training platforms and more.

  • Connect your device to charge – once fully charged, the amber light on the MLM2PRO™ will turn off  

  • Once paired with your mobile device, you will be able to see your MLM2PRO™ device health where we you can see your battery %, firmware version, and connection status.  
Data & Accuracy

The MLM2PRO™ provides 13 metrics including:  

  • Ball Speed (measured)  
  • Club Speed (measured) 
  • Smash Factor  
  • Launch Angle (measured) 
  • Launch Direction (measured) 
  • Carry Distance  
  • Total Distance  
  • Spin Rate (measured) 
  • Spin Axis (measured) 
  • Descent Angle  
  • Side Carry  
  • Apex  
  • Shot Type  

Through our partnership with Callaway, we specially engineered balls using Callaway’s TruvisTechnology. These new golf balls are called, Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® Golf Balls and are designed with RapsodoPrecision Technology (RPT™) so the MLM2PRO™ can track the in-flight spin rate and spin axis of the ball. This allows you to receive spin measurements within 1% of the accuracy of high-priced launch monitors.

Callaway® RPT™ Golf Balls arerequired to show spin numbers.

The MLM2PRO™ is designed to sit 6.5-8.5 feet directly behind the ball aimed down the target line. 

A little more than 14 total feet is needed. First, 8 feet is needed from ball to the net. Then, the MLM2PRO™ requires another 6.5-8.5feet behind the ball.Taller players may need to place the device further back to capture their entire swing video.

Elevation affects distances, trajectory and descent angle  

  • The higher the elevation, the less dense the air is. Because of this, there is less drag force on the ball (resistance) allowing it to maintain speed during flight, resulting in greater distance.   
  • General rule of thumb is every 1500 ft of increased elevation = ball will travel 3-5% further  

A range ball vs premium ball will also affect your data. A range ball will fly shorter, generate less spin, and not produce as much ball speed as a premium golf ball.   

Within the MLM2PRO™ App, you can adjust your settings to account for elevation and ball type to ensure your data is as accurate as possible.  

No, MLM2PRO™ will not capture data with foam/plastic balls.  You will want to use a Range or Premium Golf Ball, and with MLM2PRO™ it is recommended that you use the included Callaway®RPT™ Chrome Soft X™ Balls to take advantage of all the metrics that can be captured (Spin and Spin Axis).

If your mobile phone or tablet has an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or Cellular), shots will sync to the cloud during the session. If you do not have an active internet connection, shots will begin syncing once your phone/tablet connects to the internet (the MLM2PRO™ App must stay open during the sync process). 

Additional golf balls can be purchased on the Rapsodo website for $65/dozen.

You can export videos with shot trace to share on social media, share with friends, or send them to an instructor!  Currently, we don’t offer the ability to export data from a session in CSV or similar format.


An internet connection is not required to use the MLM2PRO™, but it does provide the best range experiences.An internet connection is needed to sync the shots from your session, access Rapsodo Courses, Partner Simulation, Combines and Insights reports.

Yes, for projection with an iOS device: Use a lightning cable to HDMI to projector.  

If using an Android device: Use a USB-C to an HDMI to projector. 

For a Smart TV, you will Airplay or Screen Mirror to the Smart TV from either your iOS or Android device. 

MLM2PRO Premium Membership

The MLM2PRO™ first year of Premium Membership is included with your purchase. After the first year, the MLM2PRO Premium Membership costs $199/year.

The MLM2PRO™ first year of Premium Membership ($199) is included with your purchase. A Premium Membership is not required, however, the MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership significantly enhances the user experience with access to thousands of simulated golf courses, training platforms and more.


For our terms of use please reference this link.

Return policy and warranty information can be found  here. 

MLM includes: MLM unit, USB-C Charging Cable, Carry Case, Quick Start Guide


1. Yellow/Amber- Charging

2. Red – Unit is powered on and waiting to connect to the app

3. Blinking red – Low battery

4. Blue – ConnectedGreen – Ready for shot to be taken

5. Blinking white – Firmware is upgrading


No, this will damage the hardware. Morning dew and damp grass are acceptable.

The battery will last approximately 4 hours on full charge, and takes approximately 2 hours to charge from 0-100%.

Data & Accuracy

Professional Accuracy: Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, and Launch Direction

Provides Video Playback with Shot Tracer

GPS Enabled: See exactly where your shots land on the driving range or pinpoint a flag for a closest to the pin contest

Bag Mapping: See your shot averages and trends by club so you always know what to use when you’re the course

Shot Library: Store all of your shot data and your last 100 videos. Additional Video storage available with subscription.

Share Your Shots: link your account and post videos to your preferred social network

Yes! Net Mode (indoors and outdoors) is currently compatible with these devices for app version 1.9.2: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2nd Gen, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro (9.7″), iPad Pro (12.9″) iPad Pro (11″) 2nd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 3rd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 4th Gen, iPad Pro 5th Gen M1 (2021), iPad Air 4th Gen

If you have one of these devices, you will have the option to choose between Indoor/Outdoor modes right after you hit Play and then Practice. If not, it will automatically assume you are on Outdoor mode because the device is not supported.

If your device is not currently supported for MLM Net, please be patient as we continue working to optimize our algorithms to make MLM Net available for additional devices.

On Outdoor Mode, MLM provides club type, distance (carry for irons and wedges, can select carry or total for woods), club speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, launch direction.

On Net Mode, shot trace, auto club recognition, GPS shot map, competitions and games are disabled.

No. In order for you to get accurate data, you will need to use a real golf ball. The MLM will not trigger properly if using a wiffle or foam practice ball.

Yes, the MLM will only be able to provide data in well-lit environments.

High winds can affect the distances as we do not account for adverse conditions. Overheating can affect the MLM if your iPhone/iPad is placed in direct sunlight. If your iOS device starts to overheat, you will receive an alert informing you. Your MLM will still track data and record each shot for review in Sessions but instant video feedback during the session is disabled to help cooldown your device.

*Please note that if you have any credit cards or a magnetic case on your iPhone, it may cause interference with your iOS gyroscope. Please remove the case from your phone before starting your session.

MLM analyzes the initial flight of the ball to calculate trajectory and distance by using radar/camera technology. Golf Laboratories has conducted product comparison testing. See how the MLM compares to Trackman and to Flightscope Mevo.

Place the MLM 6-8ft behind you. When addressing the ball, look back at your iOS device to ensure you see your body in the “Player Area” and the ball in the “Ball Area”. The alignment line in between the two boxes and should be aimed parallel to your target line.

The MLM is tracking the actual ball velocity, launch, and initial trajectory. This data will vary with the type and quality of the ball. Range balls are often harder than standard balls which would result in high velo and higher launch angles. But the resulting distance and trajectory will be accurate for a range ball.

If you are hitting shots and the LED on the MLM turns from green to blue and back to green but no data shows:

Ensure the MLM is aligned 6-8 feet behind the ball and aimed down the target line

Check to make sure your iOS device is sitting on the MLM slot with the screen facing you

Ensure you do not have a magnetic case on your iOS device

The MLM does not take wind, weather, slope, or elevation into consideration. It assumes you are using a premium ball at 70 degrees with no humidity and assumes you are at sea level.

1. Open the MLM app and click the ‘Home’ tab

2. Tap on the session you wish to go back to

3. Search for the shot you wish to share. The list is sorted by the sequence you practiced. You can easily sort it by club type, distance, etc., just tap on the column description or club.

4. Once you found the shot you wish to share, slide from right to left on the favored shot and tap on the camera icon. It will open and play the video recording of that shot.

5. Once the video is played back a share icon will appear on the bottom right (U with an arrow up) the export process will take a few seconds.

6. This will open a menu which allows you to save the video on your phone in Photos or you can share it with your friends via message or other social media platforms.

The MLM is only compatible with iOS Devices that meet our minimum requirements.

The Public setting will qualify you for having your video appear on the Explore page of the application. The Private setting will not qualify you to show up on the Explore page.

You are able to drop a pin within the driving range that you are hitting at. Then you are able to look back on the shots and see exactly where they were on the range from a birds eye view map.

No, the only export feature is with the video with overlay which can be saved to your iPhone/iPad and shared to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms.

• Check out this video

• Plug your MLM into a power source

• Open the MLM app

• Tap Profile

• Tap box right above my bag Rapsodo Mobile launch Monitor (red dot) Not Connected

• Select your MLM device

• A green dot will appear saying “connected”

• Tap the box again to pull up your MLM device information

• Tap update firmware version

• Firmware upgrade will start updating.

• A blinking white LED light will appear on your MLM – notifying you Firmware is upgrading. The entire Firmware update will be under 5 minutes. Please leave the MLM app open when your firmware is updating.

Check out this video.

Please remember that the auto club recognition feature only works outdoor for now, it does not work indoors. It might work better on irons, but on drivers and woods the numbers are more to the corners of the clubs, so please try not to show the club to the camera too close, it needs to focus on the numbers on the club.

Please make sure;

You have good lighting on the camera, not too bright and not too dark.

You fit the club head in the frame.

You keep the club head vertical.

Auto club recognition is disabled on net mode due to the lighting. As people are hitting at home or at their garage, the lighting is not sufficient for the phone’s camera to read the tiny details on the clubs and recognize them.

Distances are reported in “Carry”, however you have the option to select “Total” distance for drivers and woods. Here is how to change the driver and wood distance:

Open MLM app > Profile > App Settings > Driver wood settings (Carry/Total)

***This is the same on Outdoor and Indoor modes.


The MLM Premium Subscription unlocks more data visualization and insights, progress reports, and tools to help improve your game. Get access to groundbreaking features like: Rapsodo Combines,Rapsodo Insights, slow motion video replay, shot apex, and video storage for 10,000 shots.

The MLM Premium Subscription is $99.99/year

There are two ways existing MLM users can purchase a Premium Subscription:

- Purchase via the Rapsodo website. Add the subscription to your cart and purchase with the email your MLM account is under.

- Purchase in-app through Apple. Go into the MLM app, go to Profile>Account Type>Select “Upgrade” and purchase through your Apple ID.

There are two ways to cancel depending on how you purchased:

- If purchased via, reach out to to cancel your subscription.

- If purchased via in-app, follow the below instructions:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap your name.

3. Tap Subscriptions.

4. Tap the subscription.

5. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button.

Golf Insight

To identify trends in your game, we need a reliable data set of six or more shots. The more shots you take with each club, the more accurate your averages will be.

Grayed out shots represent outliers from your session. Removing outliers from Insights gives you a better chance to clearly visualize trends from your session. We will only remove shots that are extremely offline, short or long based on the entire data set for each club. If you decide to delete a shot, outliers will recalculate.

Grayed out shots represent outliers from your session. Removing outliers from Insights gives you a better chance to clearly visualize trends from your session. We will only remove shots that are extremely offline, short or long based on the entire data set for each club. If you decide to delete a shot, outliers will recalculate. 

To identify trends in your game, we need a reliable data set of six or more shots. The more shots you take with each club, the more accurate your averages will be. 


To set up the MLM;
You should make sure that you have fully charged the unit before using it. The light should be amber when charging, it should turn off completely when fully charged.

1. Press the power button on the side, it will go from red to blue when it is connected.

2. The Bluetooth connection should be enabled on the MLM, and you should allow Bluetooth connection through your iPhone settings.

3. Go to Profile, you will see an instription that says “Not Connected”, if you click on that, MLM will show up under available devices.

4. Then select “Play”, and “Practice”. The LED should turn green here.

5. To confirm location use only 1 finger to move the location around and 2 fingers to navigate the direction.You do not need to open your phone camera, once you hit play and then practice, you will see that the camera will open within the app. Allowing camera and microphone access is necessary, you can also check that in your iPhone settings. Type “MLM” in the search bar in your iPhone settings to check that.

6. Red target line should be in line with the ball and the end of the target. MLM must see you and the ball in the frame to be able to see the ball flight. Please use the ball area and the golfer area as a guide.

No. Your phone/iPad is default to auto calibration upon opening the MLM app. Simply open the app, connect your device via Bluetooth, and start hitting!


iPhone 7 and up
Recommended iPhone 8 and up


iPad 2017 and up (must support 1080p)

Net Mode

iPhone 8th Gen and up


iPad Pro:
iPad Pro 11"-1st Gen and up

iPad Pro:
iPad Pro 12.9"-2nd Gen and up

iPad Air:
iPad Air 3rd Gen and up

iPad Mini:
iPad Mini 5th Gen and up

iPad 9th Gen and up


Min. Requirement: iOS 13
Recommended: Latest iOS Version

When the MLM triggers (MLM LED turns from Green>Blue>Green) after a shot bit does not display data, please check the following:

1. MLM is aligned behind the ball and aimed down the target line and is able to clearly see the first 60-80 feet of ball flight.

2. Hitting environment is well lit

3. There are no obstructions between the MLM and ball.

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