Most projectors support HDMI connections. To project the MLM2PRO App, simply connect the HDMI cable to your phone or tablet using an appropriate adaptor. Most iOS devices will require an HDMI to Lightning or USB-C adaptor. Most Android devices will require an HDMI to USB-C adaptor.
Yes, you can Airplay or Screen Mirror from your iOS or Android device to a Smart TV for a larger display.
Rapsodo Courses is currently single player. We plan to make updates in the near future. Subscribe to our email list and social channels for the latest information on upcoming feature updates.
There are 30,000 courses based on real courses around the world available on the Rapsodo MLM2PRO! You can search for specific courses in the MLM2PRO app after starting your Rapsodo Courses session.
Yes, a premium membership is required to access 3rd party simulation partners. This includes any free trials offered by our partners.
Users will need to authenticate their account every 24 hours.