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Top 4 Ways Softball Organizations Use Rapsodo Certified Assessments

Top 4 Ways Softball Organizations Use Rapsodo Certified Assessments

July 04, 2022

Have you ever wanted to see how your metrics stack up against collegiate softball players in today’s game? Now, thanks to Rapsodo Certified Assessments you can get an unbiased, statistically-based evaluation of your abilities.

What is a Rapsodo Certified Assessment?

Rapsodo Certified Assessments are a player development and player evaluation tool trusted by top softball teams and organizations across the country. A Rapsodo Certified Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of a player's abilities which is highlighted by RapScore, an overall player evaluation metric based on the 20-80 scale, with 50 being an average collegiate athlete.

How to Get a Rapsodo Certified Assessment

Certified Assessments are scripted sessions that teams and organizations with a Team Membership can administer using the Rapsodo Diamond App for iPad. Once a Certified Hitting or Pitching session is selected, the athlete will throw or hit 15 pitches. All 15 swings/pitches are recorded, using the iPad's video function to ensure a breakdown of the athlete's mechanics with verified data.

What is Included with a Certified Assessment

Player Assessment in a downloadable PDF format
Detailed Analysis to benchmark your performance and build a development plan
Certified Rapsodo data and videos that are frequently requested by coaches and recruiters
RapScore, an industry-standard, player evaluation metric

How to Access Your Certified Assessment

Players can download the Diamond App to their mobile device in the App Store or Google Play Store and access their completed Certified Assessments and all of their Rapsodo data, giving them the ability to track their progress and take control of their player development story and build their own brand.

The Top 4 Ways Rapsodo Certified Assessments are Being Used by Softball Teams and Organizations:

#1. High Schools & Softball Academies

Rapsodo data is a vital tool in today’s recruiting environment. Now more than ever, college coaches and recruiters are requesting Rapsodo data to gain insight into an athlete's ability. Coaches and recruiters are using Rapsodo Certified Assessments to provide an accurate picture of an athlete’s ability. The Certified Assessment showcases the athlete's strengths & weaknesses and delivers a detailed analysis of the Rapsodo data they know and trust.

Coaches have confidence in Rapsodo Certified Assessments because each full session comes with unedited, recorded video and verified Rapsodo data for all 15 pitches/hits in the session.

#2. Camp Operators

Camps across the country have been providing athletes with Rapsodo Certified Assessments. After the camp, each player walks away with an individualized assessment and ways to improve in the future. Camp Operators can even send an overall ranking/leaderboard after the event to give the athletes an even more in-depth look at how they stack up against their peers. Athlete’s will leave camp with great drills and tips on how to improve as well as a Rapsodo Certified Assessment that details what specific areas they need to improve on.

#3. Colleges

Colleges are using Rapsodo Certified Assessments in numerous ways, including evaluating athlete's on their current roster, players that attend their camps, and finding top recruits. Certified Assessments allow coaches to do a quick evaluation on their players during a practice and set solid benchmarks when creating a development plan. This also allows the coach to run multiple assessments each year to to track the athlete's progress and continuously improve on their weakest metrics in addition to their overall score.

#4. Team Tryouts

Certified Assessments are a tool that teams are utilizing to take a data-driven approach to player evaluation during tryouts. If a player fails to make the team, the player and parents receive an un-biased, direct Assessment to show where the athlete can improve for next season. This gives the player a roadmap to help them develop their game and be find success in future tryouts.

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