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Rapsodo Certified Releases Softball Certification Courses

Rapsodo Certified Releases Softball Certification Courses

July 04, 2022

To help softball players reach their full potential, coaches are beginning to use data as the cornerstone for their player evaluation and development programs.

That is why we're excited to announce that our Rapsodo Certified Softball Courses are now available!

What is Rapsodo Certified?

Rapsodo Certified courses are online, video-based courses with a series of specific modules and dedicated quizzes. We developed Rapsodo Certified to help coaches run efficient data-driven baseball and softball player development programs.

Rapsodo Certified courses help Rapsodo users get the most out of their data by making it their second language. Whether its pitching, hitting or both, Rapsodo Certified softball courses will teach you all the necessary data terminology while providing tips on how to use the data you collect to maximize individual player performance.

What Rapsodo Certified Courses Are Available?


The Rapsodo Softball Hitting Certification course is designed and delivered by Rapsodo data experts Seth Daniels and Brian Page, alongside other industry experts and Rapsodo-users from some of collegiate softball’s top programs:

  • Tim Walton, Head Coach, University of Florida
  • Samantha Ricketts, Head Coach, Mississippi State University

The course consists of three modules:

  • Introduction
  • Rapsodo Data Glossary (Hitting)
  • Swing Design & Coaching

From learning how to analyze different spin metrics to understanding the Rapsodo power matrix, this course is built to help you use data to make each individual player - from power hitters to slappers - the best they can be.


The Rapsodo Softball Pitching Certification course is also lead by Rapsodo data experts Seth Daniels and Brian Page and features some of the country's top pitching coaches:

  • Mike Bosch, Assistant Coach, University of Florida
  • Josh Johnson, Assistant Coach, Mississippi State University

This course conisists of four modules:

  • Introduction
  • Rapsodo Data Glossary (Pitching)
  • Pitch Design & Coaching
  • Building an Arsenal

This course will show you how to analyze the ideal spin metrics for each pitch and help individual pitchers design a powerful arsenal utilizing their natural talent.

Benefits of Getting Rapsodo Certified

Deciding to incorporate data into your player development might feel like leap of faith. While our data guides provide detailed instructions or averages you can compare your players' data to, if you really want to become a Rapsodo data expert, there are many reasons to get certified.

When you become Rapsodo Certified, you'll recieve...

  • A thorough understanding of all batted and pitched ball flight data
  • Tips on how to implement data into your coaching strategy
  • Access to all purchased courses anytime through your certified.rapsodo.com login

There are also quite a few perks Rapsodo offers Certified customers:

  • You can submit written articles for publication on Rapsodo.com
  • Get featured in Rapsodo content
  • You'll be the first to hear about new products, features, and updates
  • Rapsodo will promote your marketing content on our social networks
  • You'll receive exclusive Rapsodo product and merchandise discounts

Once you complete your certification tests, you'll also receive a personalized Rapsodo Certified certificate and gain access to Rapsodo Certified logos and marketing assets.


Rapsodo Certified courses not only to help you become an expert at analyzing Rapsodo data, but also show you how “those who do it best” are using technology and data to develop players, measure performance, increase competition in practice and conduct year-round training.

Get Certified today! Visit certified.rapsodo.com to get started.

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