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Marty Tyson Joins Rapsodo Softball Advisory Board

Marty Tyson, Head Coach of the Corona Angels travel organization in Corona, California has officially joined the Rapsodo Softball family as a member of our advisor board. Tyson is the first travel ball coach to join the board, though he no stranger to the college softball game. 

A Man With a Championship Mindset

Marty Tyson has led his organization at all levels to win many championships and has produced some of the best Division I talent the game has seen. Corona Angels alumni include big names like Rachel Garcia (UCLA), Jessica Scroggins (Baylor University), Amber Freeman (Arizona State), Megan Faramino (UCLA) and many others.

Marty has a unique philosophy when it comes to coaching. His biggest push for players is for them to “understand his thought process" when it comes to the game of softball, which is strive to be the best you can be so you too, can be a champion. 

Using Data to Improve 

Each month, Marty sits down with his team and their parents to go over everyone's stats. The group looks closely at on base percentage, strike out to hit ratio, ERA, etc. This strategy helps players understand where they are at and how they can improve in a pubic setting. After the review session, players go home to discuss their plan of action to improve in necessary areas.

Marty will be adding more data into his program with his use of Rapsodo HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0. All his players will now be able to use data to improve the stats they review with Marty each month. Metrics like exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate, spin efficiency and more are the contributing components to having a stellar batting average or ERA.  

Welcome to the Rapsodo Family, Marty.

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