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Setting Up Your MLM the Right Way

Accuracy matters.

In order to get the most accurate data with your MLM, it's important to make sure you set up the device properly in the first place. We've seen it all when it comes to setups, but the only way we endorse is what our Quick Start Guide suggests.

To make things easier on you, and to ensure you are getting the best data possible, follow these setup tips. Setting up your MLM takes less than a minute!

MLM Set Up

First, make sure your iPhone or iPad is securely placed in the top slot of the MLM. The back of your Apple device should lean against the top lid of the MLM without any interference. We suggest having a fully charge battery on your iPhone or iPad so it'll last you for an entire day of golfing.

The MLM LED light should be green before hitting your shot. You turn your MLM on by hitting the power button on the side. Make sure your bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad is turned on. It should connect automatically to the MLM once you begin a session. They can also be connected in "Settings" under "Connect Device".

Please note that bulky cases, magnetic cases, wallet cases, or pop sockets will interfere with the data accuracy. We suggest taking these items off your device before putting it on the MLM.

The MLM should also be placed on decently flat ground.


The MLM should be level with your ball and 6-8 feet directly behind your ball, aimed down your target line. The golfer and the ball should both be visible on the screen. The MLM needs to see ball flight, so shots hit across your body may not be visible for the MLM to pick up.

Not Getting Data?

If your MLM appears to not be gathering data, ensure the above steps are being followed. You also want to make sure you have the latest app update and newest firmware installed. The free app updates can be found in the Apple App Store.

When hitting at night or in low lighting, make sure you can see most of the ball flight.

The MLM does not register shots that are less than 30 feet. The MLM does not work with Android devices at the moment.

If you continue to have issues, please email support@rapsodo.com so they can troubleshoot with you and look into your data.


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