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Rapsodo To Be at 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

The 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida spans from January 22nd– January 24th. Combined with the Tour Edge Media Day and Demo Day, Rapsodo will be there for the full week. For those of you that are new to the golf industry, these six days are truly like no other. 

The trade show has over 40,000 attendees and over 1,000 exhibitors – all of whom are looking to speak for ‘just a few minutes’. Between the conversations, meetings, demos, and presentations, each day feels as if it goes on forever. By the end of it all, you’re exhausted to the point where coffee has lost its effect and you’re running on pure adrenaline. 

That being said, I think this year will be entirely different. In all likelihood, the next week will fly by. 

Rapsodo is attending the PGA Show for the first time and will be debuting the Mobile Launch Monitor. The MLM  is the first of its kind to combine radar technology with the power of your iPhone or iPad, providing industry leading launch monitor data! The MLM has been recognized in more than 40 publications for its accuracy and innovation. 

In addition to the MLM we will be unveiling our Rapsodo Golf Advisory Board which features a world-renowned biomechanist and instructors from Golf Digest’s list of Top 50 teachers.

What is the MLM?  

            The MLM is a launch monitor that provides professional grade data. The metrics (distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, launch direction) and features (video playback with shot tracer, bag mapping, satellite range mapping, auto-club recognition, shot library ) the MLM provides allow you to track performance and improve your game efficiently while making practice much more social and engaging. 

How can the MLM help golfers get on a path to take charge of their game and get to their ideal performance level? 

Having access to this data is important for a multitude of reasons, but I’ll highlight the top three:


One of the most common reasons people stop playing golf is that they don’t play as well as they want to. People aren’t playing as well as they could because they don’t actually understand their game. 

The simple application here is distance. The MLM stores all of your shots over time and categorizes this data by club. With this, you can create a database of information that lets you know how far you hit each club. 

You not longer have to hope you are using the right club to reach the green. With the data the MLM provides, you’ll be confident when selecting which club to use. 


Every professional golfer has access to in-depth data which informs them about their game. The top tier launch monitors are all over $10,000. Many people don’t have that kind of money to spare on golf. 

However, almost all golfers are buying a new club every year or two. The MLM provides that same launch and ball flight data for the cost of a new driver – only $499.99. Instead of spending more money on new clubs, invest in the improvement of your game with the MLM.  


At the end of the day, we all play golf to have a good time. Whether that’s to clear your mind or get together with some friends, the MLM provides a new and exciting way to enjoy the game. 

Our remote competitions allow you to interact and stack up against players across the country. The portability lets you take the MLM onto the course and capture the best shots of your round. You can use these to cherish for your memories or send to your friends and brag. The game of golf will instantly become more entertaining no matter your style. 

We have spent the last few months validating our progress and have received an overwhelming amount of support. There are so many exciting things to come in 2020, beginning with the PGA Show! If you’ll be there, come by and say hi and check out the MLM for yourself. 

Tuesday, January 21st: Demo Day – Tee #5-5

Wednesday – Friday, January 22nd– 24th: Booth 2901

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