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Rapsodo Combine: Test. Score. Improve.

What Is A Rapsodo Combine 

The award-winning Combine feature provides MLM and MLM2PRO Premium Members a short test to identify their performance strengths and weaknesses, plus advanced insight into what should be adjusted in order to progress their skills. 

Designed by industry-leading and trusted golf expert Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, the Rapsodo Combine utilizes over 100k shots of PGA pro data and 20+ years of data from Dr. Mackenzie’s work with all skill levels and handicaps.   

Dr. Sasho Mackenzie

Ultimately, Dr. Mackenzie wanted a platform built on historical data that was focused on efficiency & effectiveness, but also brought gamification & pressure tests to practice plans. 

Working with the team at Rapsodo, we designed the Performance Combine to maximize the effectiveness of full swing practice time, while simultaneously providing key insights that provide immediate performance assessment as well as long term tracking of a golfer’s skill,” said Dr. Sasho MacKenzie 

All Combines must be taken outside via Range mode for MLM, but the MLM2PRO allows for an indoor Combine test, when paired with an RPT golf ball.  Players can choose between two different combine paths to test their ability - Rapsodo Suggested Distances or Rapsodo Custom Distances.  

With Rapsodo Suggested Distances, our A.I. will recommend yardages that a player has not previously practiced to help fill in gaps in that player’s practice. The Custom Distances Option will give the player control over their Combine targets to help focus strengths or improve areas that may be lagging.  

Initially, the app will intelligently suggest target distances you have yet to try. But as you begin to accumulate more Combine sessions, the app will switch to suggesting target distances that need more work and/or practice time.  

Rapsodo Combines: Approach Target View

For either selected Combine, players will hit 24 total shots - 8 shots per target to three different targets. Every Combine starts two Approach Targets and concludes with a Driving Target, where you will select a club you typically hit off the tee on Par 4’s & Par 5s.  

Rapsodo Combines: Driving Target View

Moreover, each Combine starts with an optional block of 6 practice shots that will not count towards your Combine metrics.  

Upon completion of the combine, each participant will receive the following feedback:  

- Average proximity (feet) from the target for each shot hit  

- A dispersion circle of each shot hit (lateral and distance)   

- Average driving distance and distance away from center line  

- A score for each target and drive on a scale of 0-100  

- Combine score for your session performance  


What Happens After You Complete A Rapsodo Combine 

Following completion of the combine, the app will generate a visually rich data report assessing your overall performance. 

You will receive a Combine Score out of 100 for each of the three targets, as well as an associated handicap score for each target distance. The Handicap Score represents the skill level you exhibited during the session, based on the how closely each of your shots finished to the designated target. 

Additionally, you are provided with an Overall Combine Score (a weighted average of the three individual target scores) and an estimated Handicap that you will be able to compare in-app to all golfers who have taken a Rapsodo Combine.  

Rapsodo Combine: Overall Combine Score View 

What a Rapsodo Combine Can Help You Do 

The Rapsodo Combine gives your practice structure where every shot counts. Identify strengths in your game and assess your overall performance better and quicker. Test your entire bag and create more informed practice plans that translate to lower on-course scores.  

Play your best golf with the Rapsodo Performance Combine

(The award-winning Rapsodo Combine is a Premium Membership feature. With the Rapsodo Combine, Premium Members will be able to take unlimited Combines and keep track of their historical performance over time. For MLM users, all Combines must be taken outside via Range mode. MLM2PRO allows for Combine tests to be taken indoors or outdoors.  An indoor Combine test does require pairing with an RPT golf ball.  Premium Memberships for MLM and MLM2PRO enhance the overall user experience and provide access to even more features and metrics. MLM Premium Memberships can be purchased via the MLM App or on our website for $99.99 per year.  MLM2PRO Premium Membership is included in the first year with purchase of an MLM2PRO. The MLM2PRO Premium Membership can be renewed in app for $199.99 per year. ) 

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