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  • Rapsodo Golf Hosts Virtual Competitions with Nextgengolf Partner
Rapsodo Golf Hosts Virtual Competitions with Nextgengolf Partner

Rapsodo Golf Hosts Virtual Competitions with Nextgengolf Partner

July 04, 2022

While this pandemic has taken away a lot of things for many people, it has also allowed us to get creative and try many new things that may not have been thought of before.  At Rapsodo, we planned on being at multiple Nextgengolf tournaments around the country over the past few months but were unable to attend due to the pandemic.  During this time where events have been put on hold or canceled, we wanted to stay connected to our friends and ambassadors at Nextgengolf and come up with some fun competitions.   

One of the many cool features of the Rapsodo MLM is allowing users to challenge friends to a long drive or closest to the pin competition. These remote competitions give players a chance to get their competitive juices flowing on the driving range and have some fun with some friends. Even if your friends aren’t at the same course with you, you can challenge them to a competition. All you need is an MLM! 

In April, we had 4 Rapsodo Ambassadors apart of the Nextgengolf community participate in a Long Drive Competition. Luke Stull, Jacob Alexander, Cody Phillips, and Cameron Bullman each hit one shot and sent it in not knowing how far the other guys hit their drives. We brought them all together on a Zoom call and showed each drive one at a time, talked a little trash, and had some fun with everyone’s shot.

Each player used the Rapsodo MLM to capture the distance, which was ultimately the deciding factor of the winner of the Long Drive Competition.  Having four players in different parts of the country join us and get back into somewhat of a competitive environment was refreshing to watch.   

In June, we brought together 16 Rapsodo Ambassadors apart of the Nextgengolf community to take part in our March Madness bracket style Closest to the Pin tournament.  For each one on one match there was 1 round and 5 shots.  

Each shot would receive a certain amount of points based on its proximity to the hole.  For our final two players, Brandon Ciamatario and Jared Shingledecker, we brought them together on zoom for a live final event.  

This was a very competitive final match and a ton of fun for everyone!  Jared ended up coming out on top by scoring 100 points on back to back shots in the final.   

There were many memories that were taken away over the past 4-5 months and we wanted to create some new ones for golfers to stay connected, keep the competitive juices flowing, and have some fun during this pandemic.  

 Next time you’re out at the range, start a virtual Long Drive or Closest to the Pin competition with your MLM. Be sure to share it on social media for your friends to see!  

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