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  • Rapsodo Advisor Mark Blackburn Named PGA of America’s National Teacher of the Year
Rapsodo Advisor Mark Blackburn Named PGA of America’s National Teacher of the Year

Rapsodo Advisor Mark Blackburn Named PGA of America’s National Teacher of the Year

July 04, 2022

Congratulations to Rapsodo Advisor Mark Blackburn for being named the PGA of America’s National Teacher of the Year!

We couldn’t be happier for our advisor, Mark Blackburn.   From coaching PGA TOUR champions like Chez Reavie or Kevin Chappell to working with golfers of all levels and ages at Greystone Country Club in Birmingham to leading education for coaches around the world for TPI, Mark is one of the most talented, hardest working and committed instructors in the world.  We’re incredibly fortunate to work with him.  


As a golf technology company, the feedback and insight we receive from our advisory board has been instrumental in shaping the development of the MLM features.  Additionally, our advisors have played an integral role in helping amateur golfers learn how to elevate their practice with launch monitor data. 

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the world, but, like all great coaches, his ability to communicate complex concepts in a practical, actionable manner is what sets him apart.  

This explanation of ball flights laws is one of the clearest explanations you’ll ever hear. So many golfers don’t know how to stop their ball from curving because they don’t know what is making their ball curve.


One of Mark’s gifts is being able to take concepts and apply them to a golfer’s practice plan for more efficient learning and skill development.  After all, the purpose of practice is to improve on the course.  Improving at golf is not just about how much time you spend practicing, it’s about HOW you spend that time. Learning how to shape a ball on command isn’t just a useful skill on the course, it’s an effective way to help develop clubface awareness and feel for the face to path relationship.


Stay tuned to our social feeds for more content featuring Mark in the future.  If you’re not following Mark on social, you’re missing out too.  He has one of the smartest feeds in golf.  Be sure to congratulate him on this deserving honor, as well!

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