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MLM2PRO™: The Ultimate Outdoor Golf Simulator

If you’re looking to take your golf game to the next level, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is the best-in-class tool to do it. Featuring highly accurate real-time feedback broken down into a host of different analytics, this mobile launch monitor is designed to help you improve your swing.   

With its comprehensive array of features, portability, and data-driven feedback, the MLM2PRO takes the guesswork out of perfecting your swing and understanding your game better. Now, with the addition of the Rapsodo Range and tens of thousands of virtual golf courses, the MLM2PRO is also one of the most comprehensive outdoor golf simulators on the market.  

An Industry-Changing Launch Monitor 

Rapsodo knows when it comes to choosing a mobile launch monitor, you have several different options. The MLM2PRO was designed with the user in mind to give you one of the greatest simulator experiences on the market.  

The MLM2PRO contains analytics, shareability, and indoor and outdoor golf simulator features comparable to some of the bigger brands, all for a price tag well under $1,000. That makes it one of the best value mobile launch monitors in the industry.   

Nothing less should be expected from Rapsodo. We have a long history of sports performance technology backed by professional athletes, industry experts, and thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers. When you buy an MLM2PRO, you’re buying the culmination of that experience backed by the high quality and reliability Rapsodo has come to be known for.   

What Makes the MLM2PRO a Revolutionary Outdoor Golf Simulator? 

From accurate data analytics to a huge catalog of virtual golf experiences to choose from, the MLM2PRO is the pinnacle of outdoor golf simulators.   

High Portability 

The first “M” in “MLM” stands for mobile for a reason. The MLM2PRO’s innovative sleek and compact design means you can take it anywhere.   

Designed with simplicity in mind, the golf simulator setup is quick and easy. It fits easily in your golf bag and takes just a few seconds to start playing virtual golf. Just set up the MLM2PRO behind your tee, connect it to your phone or other smart device, and you’re ready to go!  

Accurate Analytics 

The MLM2PRO offers a highly accurate way to break down your performance into several trackable metrics you can use to step up your game. These include:  

  • - Carry distance  
  • - Side carry  
  • - Total carry  
  • - Launch angle  
  • - Launch direction  
  • - Ball speed  
  • - Club speed  
  • - Smash factor  
  • - Spin rate  
  • - Spin axis  
  • - Descent angle  
  • - Shot apex    

With the MLM2PRO, you can break down your game like never before for the ultimate practice experience.   

Video Playback and Storage  

Our innovative two-camera design allows you to see your shots like never before. Get detailed breakdowns of your impact. Record highly detailed slow-motion video captures to analyze your swings frame-by-frame. Store thousands of videos in the cloud for later viewing or sharing.  

An Unrivaled Simulator Experience 

Rapsodo’s MLM2PRO with Premium Membership gives you access to the Rapsodo Range and over 30,000 virtual golf courses, powered by community platforms like Awesome Golf and E6 Connect. Play full games across famous golf courses from the comfort of your backyard or test out clubs at the virtual range.  

With the MLM2PRO, an entire world of golf fits in the palm of your hand. Outdoor golf simulator features that would normally cost thousands of dollars are available for just $699.99.    

Get the Best Outdoor Golf Simulator on the Market 

Looking for the perfect solution to improve your game and act as an outdoor golf simulator? Order the MLM2PRO today! With thousands of virtual golf courses, unparalleled data analytics, video playback, and an easy setup design all for under $1,000, it’s one of the best mobile launch monitors on the market.  

Buy one online today to start taking your golf game to the next level!  

Get the Rapsodo MLM2PRO

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