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  • Helen Kurtin Hosts Successful Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic, Encourages Other Instructors to Start Their Own
Helen Kurtin Hosts Successful Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic, Encourages Other Instructors to Start Their Own

Helen Kurtin Hosts Successful Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic, Encourages Other Instructors to Start Their Own

July 04, 2022

At the end of August, we unveiled the Rapsodo Green Grass Program. The goal of this program is to help golf teachers, coaches, instructors, pro shops and other professionals in the sport to use MLM data to elevate their programs by:

  1. Driving new revenue  
  2. Improving client performance 
  3. Increasing client engagement 

Helen Kurtin, our local advisor and a Golf Digest Best in State coach, held an inspiring and successful wedge clinic that we wanted to share with our community.

The end result? $700 in her pocket and her clients walking away with actionable insight that they can use to improve their game!

Want to know the secrets to hosting a successful, data-driven clinic?

What the Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic Included

Below is a breakdown of how Helen conducted her clinic. This is a great example of how our Green Grass partners use the MLM to instruct students — with some extra incentives.

Helen’s wedge clinic was structured as a 1-hour long small group session focused on using distance wedges at 3 different speeds:

  • Full Swing
  • 3/4 Swing (9:00)
  • 1/2 Swing (7:30)

After reviewing these different techniques with each participant, Helen had attendees unbox their Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, gave the group a quick technology overview, and then had each student connect the MLM to their iPhone/iPad.

Helen then had each player hit shots on their new MLM unit. Within a few minutes, participants were gathering their own shot data.

The clinic was priced at $500 a person and included the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor - a $500 value by itself.  

To ensure the group practiced social distancing, Helen only sold a limited number of spaces – four in total. In the future, she plans to allot at least 6 spaces for this particular clinic. 

How the Clinic was Marketed

It is important to note that Helen started promoting her Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic about two weeks in advance. However, she only had to do the following to get the clinic to sell out and ensure her teaching time was used efficiently.

Roughly 10 days prior to the clinic, she sent an email to all of her current clients detailing the event, including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Topic to be covered
  • Details around the “gifts” participants will receive (including the MLM)

Once all four slots sold out, she sent an email to participants with information on:

  • The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and what it does
  • The  Rapsodo MLM app and how it works
  • How to download the MLM app and create an account before the clinic

Why Host a Wedge Clinic?

We surveyed the participants of Helen’s clinic and asked them why they wanted to take this class. All of them said they wanted to improve their golf game, and when asked to provide more details, they stated the following:

  1. All participants were not confident in their shots inside the 100 yard mark
  2. Participants had no idea how far they actually hit each wedge

What the Results Were

Helen’s clinic structure coupled with the inclusion of the MLM provided both answer and solution to each of their pain points. All participants left with tips and drills to help them improve their wedge shots, as well as technology that will provide the data they were missing to improve their overall game.

Why Instructors are Choosing to Use the Data-driven Approach

We understand that adding a layer of new technology to your current instruction format can daunting — that's why we also Helen for feedback on her experience post-clinic. She stated that that incorporating advanced launch monitor technology didn’t interfere with her teaching style — it enhanced it. 

She further explained that the data from the MLM not only provided immediate, actionable feedback, but it also elevated participants level of engagement and quality of practice. 

Every shot had an objective and an outcome.  There was no guessing whether or not they successfully executed the desired shot distance. Form and swing mechanics were not longer restricted to the perspective of the instructor — as players could quickly go back and review their swing with video the MLM app's video feature.

Best of all, these students can now track their progress with their MLMs on their own, and will always have a reference point for where they started. 

How to Host a Rapsodo Green Grass Clinic

There are two ways golf instructors and pro shops can take advantage of the Green Grass program: become a Green Grass affiliate or stock up your MLM inventory.

Below are the benefits for both ends of the program:


  • Demo product for display
  • Higher profit margin compared to affiliate program
  • Access to full Rapsodo media kit


  • Personal coupon code
  • Limited-time member discount
  • Kickback for every coupon code used

If you’re a golf instructor or club pro and are interested in participating in the Rapsodo Green Grass program, contact me at geoff@rapsodo.com today!


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