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  • Boost Your Game with R-Speed: The Ultimate Swing Speed Training Tool
Boost Your Game with R-Speed: The Ultimate Swing Speed Training Tool

Boost Your Game with R-Speed: The Ultimate Swing Speed Training Tool

February 23, 2024

We're excited to announce a game-changing addition to our MLM2PRO and MLM Premium Membership programs - the all-new R-Speed swing speed platform!

Golf enthusiasts, get ready to take your swing speed training to the next level with this revolutionary tool that allows you to work on your swing speed anytime, anywhere.


Access Swing Speed Training Anytime, Anywhere

With R-Speed, there is no need for impact or a golf ball, making it incredibly convenient. The power to enhance your swing speed is now in your hands. Whether you're at the golf course, in your backyard, or even at home, you can easily track, monitor, and evaluate your swing speed. 

*R-Speed is compatible with the most popular programs such as TheStack, RypStick,  and SuperSpeed.

According to the creator of TheStack, Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, "It’s fantastic that Rapsodo have added the ability to measure clubhead speed without ball contact. I completed my last Stack session using the MLM2PRO. The speeds were accurate and it was handy to be able to watch a down the line view of my Stack swing after each rep."


One of the great features of R-Speed is its ability to track your performance and routine. Every session's data and performance details are securely stored on the R-Cloud platform, allowing you to evaluate your progress over time and monitor your practice routine schedule. It's like having a personal golf coach at your fingertips.

Access your data in the iOS and Android app or at https://golf-cloud.rapsodo.com/.


We all know that swing speed plays a vital role in hitting the ball farther, especially off the tee. For amateur golfers, achieving the swing speed of a PGA pro might seem like a distant dream. But with R-Speed, that dream can become a reality. This platform empowers you to work on your swing speed, bridging the gap between amateur and professional performance.

Average Golfer Swing Speed vs PGA Tour Pro


Golf swing speed training is a structured approach to increasing the speed at which a golfer can swing the golf club. It involves various exercises, drills, and techniques aimed at improving the golfer's ability to generate greater clubhead speed during their swing. The primary reasons golfers engage in swing speed training are as follows:

  1. Increased Distance

    One of the main objectives of swing speed training is to hit the golf ball farther. A higher clubhead speed can result in longer drives off the tee and shorter approach shots to the green. This can lead to improved scores, as golfers have shorter distances to cover to reach the hole.

  2. Competitive Advantage

    Golfers at all skill levels seek to gain a competitive advantage. In tournaments and friendly matches, having a faster swing speed can provide an edge over opponents, particularly on long par-4s and par-5s.

  3. Better Performance in Specific Situations

    Some golf courses and holes are designed with hazards, obstacles, or unique challenges. Increasing swing speed can help golfers clear hazards, carry bunkers, and navigate tricky situations more effectively.

  4. Achieving Par-5s in Fewer Strokes

    Golfers who can reach par-5 greens in two shots (known as "going for it in two") have a chance for eagle or birdie opportunities. Swing speed training can help golfers achieve the distance needed to reach par-5s in two shots consistently.

  5. Enhanced Confidence

    Knowing that you have the ability to generate high clubhead speed can boost a golfer's confidence. This confidence can translate into a more aggressive and effective approach to the game.

  6. Personal Improvement and Satisfaction

    Golfers are often motivated to improve their skills and performance. Increasing swing speed is seen as a way to achieve personal goals and milestones, leading to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

  7. Enjoyment of the Game

    Golfers may find the challenge of swing speed training and the pursuit of hitting the ball farther enjoyable and fulfilling. The process of improvement and growth can add to the overall enjoyment of the game.

  8. Physical Conditioning

    Swing speed training often involves exercises and workouts that improve a golfer's physical fitness. This can contribute to overall health and well-being.


The appropriate balance between speed training, hitting golf balls on the range, playing real golf, or simulation golf can vary from golfer to golfer, and it often depends on individual goals, skill level, and available time. However, here are some general guidelines to consider when finding the right balance:

  1. Prioritize Fundamentals First

    Before diving into speed training, ensure that you have a solid foundation in golf fundamentals, including grip, stance, posture, and alignment. This is essential for consistent ball striking.

  2. Assess Your Goals

    Consider your specific goals. If your primary objective is to increase swing speed and hit the ball farther, you may need to allocate more time to speed training. However, if you want to maintain or improve your overall golf game, a balanced approach is essential.

  3. Weekly Schedule

    Create a weekly practice schedule that incorporates various elements. For example:

    • Allocate a portion of your practice time (perhaps 2-3 days a week) to speed training exercises and drills. These sessions can focus on improving your swing speed. Many popular programs consist of 3 training days per week.
    • Dedicate another portion of your practice time to hitting golf balls on the range, working on your technique, and honing your ball-striking skills.
    • Reserve some time for playing rounds of golf, whether on the course or through simulation golf. This allows you to apply your skills in a real-game situation.
    • Include short game and putting practice to ensure a well-rounded game.

  4. Periodization

    Consider implementing a periodization approach. This means dedicating specific periods or cycles to different aspects of your game. For example, you might have a phase focused on swing speed training, followed by a phase dedicated to refining your short game or putting. This can help you stay fresh and keep from getting burned out.

  5. Listen to Your Body

    Speed training can be physically demanding. Pay attention to your body and avoid overexertion, as pushing too hard can lead to injuries. Rest and recovery are crucial.

  6. Seek Professional Guidance

    Consult with a golf instructor or coach who can help you create a personalized practice plan that balances speed training with other aspects of your game. They can provide valuable insights and monitor your progress.

  7. Simulated Rounds

    Simulation golf can be a valuable practice tool. It allows you to work on your course management, decision-making, and shot execution in a controlled environment. Consider using simulation golf as a supplement to on-course play.

  8. Maintain Consistency

    Consistency in your practice routine is key. Regularly incorporating all elements of golf practice, including speed training, range work, and playing rounds, will help you maintain and improve your overall game.

Ultimately, the appropriate balance will depend on your individual circumstances and goals. Golfers looking to hit the ball further may need to allocate more time to speed training initially, but they should not neglect other aspects of their game. Finding the right balance is a continuous process that allows you to enjoy the game while working toward your objectives.


Ready to transform your golf game? Join our MLM2PRO or MLM Premium Membership program today and unlock the full potential of R-Speed. Gain distance, hit the ball farther, and watch your scores improve as you work on your swing speed with this cutting-edge platform.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your golfing skills to new heights. Swing into action with R-Speed and experience the difference for yourself!

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