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If you’re going to buy a golf monitor, it should come with all the best-in-class features to help you seriously step up your golf game. Unfortunately, a lot of golf launch monitors out there charge a premium price to get access to the measurements and features you need to measure your performance and put together an improvement plan. 

On the other end of the spectrum are affordably priced golf launch monitors that either offer very little in the way of measurements and performance capture or just aren’t very accurate golf launch monitors. 

What if we told you there’s a happy medium that is both reasonably priced, but packed full of many of the premium features you can expect from higher-end models like the Trackman or the FlightScope Mevo?

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is that happy medium. It offers an entire host of accurate measurements, video playback and performance tracking, and even golf simulator features, all for just $699.99, making it the best launch monitor for under $1,000 currently on the market.

Read on to discover some of the amazing features of the MLM2PRO. 

Less Money, More Metrics

When it comes to accurate launch monitors, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO doesn’t mess around. We know what an MLM measures, and how it measures it are the defining features of a great launch monitor experience. That’s why the MLM2PRO features a suite of metrics comparable to the more pricey, bigger name-brand launch monitors. 

Tracked metrics include: 


  • Carry distance 
  • Side carry 
  • Total carry 
  • Launch angle 
  • Launch direction 
  • Ball speed 
  • Club speed 
  • Smash factor 
  • Spin rate 
  • Spin axis 
  • Descent angle 
  • Shot apex 


As you can see, swing speed, ball speed, and shot type are just the tip of the iceberg. The highly portable, dual optical camera combines multiple captures with Doppler radar processing for real-time precision accuracy.  

The impact camera is capable of capturing your shot in 240 frames per second for an in-depth look at how you’re connecting with the ball. At the same time, the shot vision camera captures a wider angle of your swing. Capture videos of your swing with shot tracing technology so you know exactly what to adjust to improve your shots. 


Slow-Motion Video Capture, Playback, and Storage

A lot of mobile launch monitors on the market currently at the same price point as the Rapsodo MLM2PRO don’t offer reliable slow-motion video capture. 

The MLM2PRO allows you to get really up close and personal with your shots with slow-motion videos. Replay your swings frame-by-frame to see how your stance changes the ball impact, and where you need to correct your form. 

Rapsodo also allows you to store up to 10,000 videos in the cloud with a premium membership. This means you can save any insights from your latest practice session to work on later. You can even share videos with friends and family! 


A Peerless Training Experience


The Rapsodo MLM2PRO can do much more than just capture data. It can help you act on those analytics too! 


With the Performance Combines report feature, the MLM2PRO can help you keep track of your performance during training sessions, measure your progress, and suggest areas for improvement. Personalized takeaways make the MLM2PRO the perfect golf practice partner. 


A Golf Simulator at No Additional Cost

Most golf launch monitors are either really good at measuring performance, or great golf simulators. It’s not usually until you get to some of the more expensive launch monitors that you see fantastic functionality for both. 

We think that’s a shame. What’s the point in training yourself to improve your golf game if you can’t actually play a game of golf with your launch monitor? That’s why Rapsodo is breaking the mold once again.  

Each of our MLM2PROs comes with a free year of Premium Membership, granting access to the Rapsodo Range, E6 Connect, Awesome Golf, and over 30,000 virtual golf courses. Even better, the MLM2PRO works great both indoors and outdoors, meaning you can take your golf simulator with you wherever you go.  

When you buy a mobile launch monitor from Rapsodo, you get the best of ALL worlds. 


Get the Best Launch Monitor Under $1,000 from Rapsodo

 Improving your game doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With the Rapsodo MLM2PRO, you get access to over a dozen measurable performance metrics, video capture, slow-motion replay, and cloud storage, and 10s of thousands of virtual golf courses you can play through. 

That’s a whole lot of features to pack in an MLM package that’s only $699.99.  

Get the most popular golf launch monitor on the market trusted by pros and amateurs alike today! 

Get the MLM2PRO

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