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Rapsodo Player Profile FAQ

We recently announced that all players and coaches need to complete and verify their Rapsodo profiles. Since the initial announcement we've received many questions that we want to clear up.

First and foremost, completing your Rapsodo account ensures we have the most accurate data on the athlete, coach, academy, team, etc. This will make sure your account has all accurate, clean, true data. Failing to verify your account will not delete your data. Failing to verify your account will temporarily put a lock on your account until you verify it. Once you verify your account, you will be able to login like normal and see all of your data as usual.

Player Profiles Needing Parental Consent

Players under 18 years old will need to get parental consent for the athlete to have a Rapsodo player profile and for their data to be visible on the Cloud.

When players are filling out their profile, there will be a section to enter their guardians email address. Their guardian will then receive an email that says "NEED PERMISSION". The guardian must click "ACCEPT". Once they click "ACCEPT", that player will have parental consent.

Why is this a requirement? We have been legally required to protect the data of all athletes under the age of 18. So, to add an extra layer of security to minors, we are now requiring parental consent. 

This is to protect the athletes and in no way is to cause harm to the athletes or their data.

Rapsodo National Player Database

The Rapsodo National Player Database came about at the beginning of the pandemic and COVID-19 shutdown. This is a way to promote players and to allow coaches and recruiters to see each athlete's top data performances.

Pitching  Hitting 
Take the players top 5% of data and will show 3 main data points for each pitch  Take the players top 5% and will show 2 data points 
Max Velocity  Max Exit Velocity 
Max Total Spin  Max Distance 
Max Total Break   

Players have the option to opt-in or opt-out of the National Player Database. This option appears when they go to complete their profiles.

Coaches have the option to only show player bio’s or show both the player's bio and metrics in the database.

Players under 13 years old are not eligible to be included in the National Player Database.

National Player Database Qualifications:

  • Cloud Admin/Coach has an active Rapsodo Subscription 
  • Cloud Admin/Coach has opted IN to letting players be shown on the database 
  • Player created a Rapsodo Account 
  • 13 years or older WITH Parental consent (players 18 years or older do not need parental consent) 

Complete your account today by following this link. Questions? Contact support@rapsodo.com.


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