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Rapsodo Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

This is a special week for me and Rapsodo. Ten years ago, this week (December 2010), I registered Rapsodo with the Singapore government and started our journey. An idea to build an affordable golf launch monitor evolved into building a sports technology company with the vision of helping athletes achieve their best. Today, we put data-driven tools in athletes’ hands to empower them to reach their full potential, regardless of what skill level they are at.

That’s why Rapsodo exists and that is what drives us each and every day.

10 Years of Growth

The past 10 years have been interesting and filled with a lot of different emotions. The journey has been immensely humbling and rewarding. We started off with a few people in a small office at NTU (one of the top universities in the world) and today, we have 130+ employees - and counting - spanning over 4 countries (USA, Singapore, Turkey and Japan).

Rapsodo team at ABCA Convention 2016 in Nashville, TN.

Our products are used by hundreds of thousands of amateur and pro golfers, baseball and softball players around the world. While a lot has changed, one thing that has not changed over the past 10 years is our core values of hard work, teamwork, innovation, agility, and customer commitment.

A Special Thanks to Our Employees

I would like to especially thank Adrian, Kelvin, Vijay, Seth, Art, Dilek, Han, Jay, Hari, Wen Jye, Kenny, Zhang and Frank for their friendship, hard work, dedication, and unwavering support all of these years. Thank you for being part of the journey, it has been a great honor.

I would also like to thank everyone at Team Rapsodo for making Rapsodo who we are today. We absolutely could not have done it without all of your hard work and commitment. I am very proud to be a part of this team and look forward to the next decade of growth and innovation.

I am very excited for the future and will embrace the challenges that we face as we continue to realize our full potential and strive to become the leading innovator in sports technology and data analytics for player development.

-Batuhan Okur, Rapsodo Founder and CEO

Learn More About Rapsodo: rapsodo.com/who-we-are/

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