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Frequently Asked Questions - PITCHING and HITTING 2.0

We often hear from customers running into the same problems or having the same questions. Here are the solutions to the most frequently asked questions:

Adding Players to the Cloud Account 

  1. Login at cloud.rapsodo.com/ 
  2. Select the “Team Management” tab along the left side of the screen 
  3. Ensure you are on the “Players” tab 
  4. Find the red “INVITE” icon located on the top right of the screen 

Then, complete the following:

  1. First/Last Name 
  2. Email
  3. Select "Invite" located on the bottom of the screen

Syncing Data to a TV 

There are two solutions to this question. First, users can purchase an Apple TV. This will allow the information shown on the iPad to be shown on a TV through the Airplay feature. Secondly, users can connect an HDMI cord directly to the iPad with a lightning to HDMI converter. This will create a direct connection between the iPad and TV. When connecting to a TV it is common to experience a slight lag in processing time for Rapsodo.  

Syncing Data to the Cloud 

After connecting to an internet based WIFI, users can successfully sync their data to the cloud by selecting the “cloud sync” option inside of the HITTING/PITCHING 2.0 App. All data is synced to the cloud when the videos/rif files equal 0/0. This can be found under settings >> about below “videos and diagnostic files pending for sync”. If either of those numbers are not zero, data is still on the app.  

Eliminating Storage from Rapsodo's App 

This is a very common request our support team receives. Typically, our support members notices that there is a significant amount of rif files on the app. 

To clear the rif files users can delete and re-download the Rapsodo HITTING/PITCHING 2.0 app. To avoid this storage issue, ensure that videos and diagnostic files pending for sync, under settings >> about in the app, equal 0/0. This informs the customer that all data has been successfully synced to the cloud.  

Finding Old Session Data 

Past sessions will always be kept on our cloud platform. The only way it will be deleted is by the admin of the cloud account. If the data is not showing up, check the date ranges while looking at individual player stats. If that data is not found give us a call at 844.772.7763 ext: 2.  

Adding Players to a Sub-Coach 

Players can be assigned to sub-coaches at cloud.rapsodo.com/ under the “Team Management” tab. The admin of the account must select each appropriate player by selecting the bubble icon to the left of his/her name. Once all appropriate players are selected, find the “COACHES” icon next to the “GROUPS” icon. When selected, find the appropriate coach and click on the bubble icon next to the coach. When all coaches are selected, select the red “ASSIGN” icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Charging Rapsodo Hitting & Pitching 

It is a common misconception that the Rapsodo Computer Engine (RCE) will charge the camera monitor. Both camera monitor and RCE must be charged with their designated charging cords provided by Rapsodo. These cords are: MonitorUSB >> USB Micro RCE: USB >> USBC. When completely charged, Rapsodo should have a battery life of 4 hours.  

Devices compatible with Rapsodo Pitching & Hitting 

Rapsodo Diamond App requires iOS 1and is compatible with the below iPads. For an optimal experience we recommend an iPad Pro because of the processing speed. 

  • iPad: 8th Generation or Newer
  • iPad Air:  3rd Generation or Newer
  • iPad Pro: 3rd Generation or Newer

Have any additional questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to support by email or phone (844.772.7763).

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